All About Fishing Lures

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All About Fishing Lures

Types of Fishing Lures

Lures can come in all shapes, colors and sizes as they are designed to move differently through water, and attract different species of predator fish. Some lures are more common than others, some are more general which will attract a broader selection of prey, while others can be very specific to the type of fish and the time of day. Below will give a general overview of the main types of lures.

Type of fish

There are many prized sporting fish that are available to catch within the USA, with the most popular being Black Bass, Panfish and Catfish/bullhead. We explore the best sports fish to catch, and the best lure strategies for each species.

Beach Fishing Rocks

Fishing on the Lake, River, or from the Beach, we assist in selecting the best lure

Lure Tackle Box

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The site where you can learn all about the different types of fishing lures, the most rewarding species to target, and the strategy to target them.

Latest Articles

Clear Water Fishing

Fishing in clear water presents a very different experience to fishing in bracken and stained or dirty water. When the water is clear, fish feel vulnerable and often are unwilling to hunt, and are a lot more suspicious of every splash and movement pushing the fish into a very alert mode.

3D printer Crop

Being able to make your own fishing lures is as old as lure fishing itself. However, there is now another option that we need to discuss – 3D printed lures are HERE.

Small Tacklebox

Traveling around with your fishing rod while a lure is attached can be dangerous and can damage the lure – here are the best ways to transport and protect your lures when they are rigged, but not yet in use.