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Best Ideas for Transporting Lures

Traveling around with your fishing rod while a lure is attached can be dangerous and can damage the lure – here are the best ways to transport and protect your lures when they are rigged, but not yet in use.

First, we have my favorite product of our selection, the Fishing Lure Wraps
Fishing Lure Wraps

This product is a transparent plastic wrap that will cover and protect the lure, but also allows you to see everything. This cover works a bit differently to the others on the list, as it secures the lure to the rod, with a clip, and then covers it with plastic. Rather than some of the others on the list which cover the lure and then attach to the rod. The fasteners that come with the product can remain on your lure while you fish, so when you are ready to move, just attach the lure to the clip and wrap the sleeve around the lure and you are ready to go.

Fishing Lure Wraps2
Fishing Lure Wraps3
Coming in a close second, is the Lure Tamer

The Lure Tamer is another great bit of kit, which allows you to cover and protect the fishing lure while not in use. This product also has what it calls “Lure Tying Technology”, which makes it easy to attack the Lure Tamer to the rod.

Lure Tamer
Finally we have the Lure Guard, a very very close third

Lure Guard is very similar to Lure Tamer, with a slightly different shape and harder plastic. However as this product was not as widely available and did not have as many sizes available in the range it has come last in out list. But with the tagline “Don’t get hooked!” it had to make the list.


Do you agree with this list? Why don’t you drop a comment below and tell us about your experiences trying to transport fishing rods and lures?

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