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All About Fishing Lures, The Story

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All About Fishing Lures: The Story

Welcome to All About Fishing Lures, where we will guide you on a journey to learn everything you need to know about fishing with lures.

Our fascination with lures started after a fishing trip where a buddy of mine was using a lure and catching all the fish, while the rest of us were using bait and not catching a thing. We would cast out, wait, wait, and wait, and nothing would happen. My buddy on the other hand would cast out, slowly skip his lure back into him, always moving and having fun, and every ten casts or so he would catch something. I have fished with lures before and never had much luck so I asked my buddy for some advice and he told me “You need to use the right kind of lure for the type of fishing you are doing, and the fish you are targeting”.

This website is to guide you and assist in making those decisions – what lure should I use? for which location? targeting which fish?