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What? You can 3D Printing Fishing Lures Now?

3D printer

Being able to make your own fishing lures is as old as lure fishing itself. You can use many different materials from wood, to metal there are many creative ways to make a lure, you can even buy kits from your local fishing shop which comes with everything you will need. However, there is now another option that we need to discuss – 3D printed lures are HERE.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A 3D PRINTER, there are options for you to take advantage of this technology by sending away your plans and having someone else print the lure for you. This is available through online services such as;






3DExperience Marketplace Make






Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service



Best place to find 3D printed lure plans

There are multiple options for downloading plans for 3D printing, the following websites have the best examples that I could find, but please let me know down in the comments if you have found any better sites, or have created your own plans?

1. Cults 3D Print plans

Cults is a search engine that allows you to search and browse 3D plans for 3D models that you are making. There is a lot of fishing lures, and more are being created and added all the time. 

Cults 3D Printing Plans

2. Thingiverse 

Thingiverse is another search engine that allows you to search for 3D plans

Thingiverse Fishing Lure Search

Best Fishing Lure plans to download

Wobbler 2 Fishing Lure PLans

Wobbler 2 Fishing Lure (100MM) is a great example of the flexibility that printing your own fishing lure can give you. As yo can see in the picture, there are 3x different shaped lures that can be made, each with a different shape lip. This means that each of these lures will swim differently through the water, and at a different depth. The larger lip of the bottom lure will create more drag against the line, making it dive lower, and making it thrash around more as its being retrieved. 3D printing lures allows you to be more creative and learn how these lures really work.

Popper Fishing Lure Plan

Popper Fishing Lure (150MM) is a great plan, which allows you to build a solid little top water lure, which will make a sucking noise as it’s retrieved through the water at the surface due to its concave shape. This lure is great for all freshwater fish, including bass. Can be used in both clear and muddy water.

Swimbait Fishing Lure Plan

Swimbait Fishing Lure is another great example of awesome 3D printed fishing lures. The lure is broken into 5 different parts connected by hinges, which will simulate swimming through the water as its being retrieved. There are also options to include ball bearing rattlers inside the lure, improving its ability to attract fish in low light situations or dirty water.

Fishing Lure Mold Plan

Fishing Lure Mold – Stealth Swimmer Plan is another great idea for creating your own fishing lures with a 3D printer. This way you are creating a mold, which you can then pour soft plastic into and wait for it to set. 

For further instructions and a step by step guide, please check out these Wiki How Instructions

Please let me know in the comments if you have ever used a homemade lure? Every used a 3D-printed lure? Does this sort of technology change excite you?

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