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Muddy River Fishing

Best Fishing Lure for Dirty Water

When fishing in dirty muddy waters, we have to think about the techniques that do not rely on sight, and instead rely on vibrations and other non visual stimulus like sounds and smells as the fish will be sensing more than they are seeing. 

Spinnerbaits, wobblers, spoons, crankbaits all give off vibrations through the water and will attract predator fish to what feels like a struggling prey. Soft plastics will also give off vibrations and they move through the water, but some can also give off a smell.

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Techniques for dirty water fishing

Fish will hide out when the water is very dirty, as they are vulnerable, unable to see and must rely on their other sensors for protection and to hunt. As they are hiding, and reluctant to come out, we will need to cast very close to their hiding spots, or over their hiding spot so that the lure will get nice and close when being retrieved.

If you are trying to land the lure right where you think the fish are hiding, it is best to have one that will flutter when it hits the water, like a spinnerbait, or soft plastic. Without a flutter, it may be best to retrieve the lure past their hiding spot as you will have more luck tempting the fish out of their hiding through the vibrations. 

Best lures for fishing in dirty water 2022

Hakkala Swimming Jig Set

HAKKALA Bass Fishing Skirted Swim Jig with Trailers is a great swim jig for muddy water, it has a flutter when it hits the water, so you can land the jig right where you think fish are hiding and the flutter will draw them out. This jig will also vibrate as it swims through the water, so it can be retrieved past their hiding spot as well. Note set also comes with other soft plastics that can be added to rig. 

Fishing Lures Spinnerbait

Lilureena Spinnerbait Lures work great in muddy water, especially pack with the gold blades. This lure can be cast next to the fish hiding spot ats they flutter when they land in the water. They also vibrate through the water so can be retrieved past the hiding spots, attracting fish out. The gold blades can be seen if the water is not too muddy, as the reflection from the gold penetrates through the muddy water. 

Tbuymax 10pcs high quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit

Tbuymax 10pcs high quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit is a great lure for use in muddy water as they are a large lure, that imitate well the swimming motion of large prey. The pack comes with 10 different lures, with different colors and shapes, which will not only change what the lure looks like but also how it feels through the water. Two of the lures also have a propeller, which creates more and varied vibrations.

ZWMING Top Water Fishing Lures

ZWMING Top Water Fishing Lures is a popper, and works very well in muddy water, as they move and pop along the surface, creating both sound and vibrations through the water. Now this lure will work best when it is cast past where the fish are hiding, and to retrieve past their hiding spot. 

TRUSCEND Electronic Twitching Jerkbait

TRUSCEND Electronic Twitching Jerkbait is a rechargeable, robotic lure that rattles, vibrates, and throws out LED lights to attract fish. This sounds like a gimmick, and the technology is pretty new, but it works great in muddy water. This is a lure that when it hits the water, it will vibrate every 10 seconds and throw out a bright light that is meant to imitate light reflecting off the fish.

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